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Hello guys, welcome to my whole new revolutionary e-mail address, an e-mail with my full name on it. If you are my friend that love to have that beautiful e-mail address with my beautiful name on it (yourname@adzizi.com), no more butt-scratching! All you need to do is email me at anwarul@adzizi.com and I will consider u to be part of me! Don't forget to give me your name, from where you know me, and as a friend of mine, you should know my very full name! Hehehe. Or else, just give me any particulars about me that you know. C'mon, if you are my friend, u should know that well enough! What you waiting for? It's a limited offer!

For those who already being given an e-mail address, click here. It will re-direct you to a login page where u can have a whopping 2GB space of e-mail. Don't worry, it's all safe and secure. :)